Old MacDonald Had Farm

13 Jun

And on the farm he had a Sheep, eeh ie eeh ie oh!

(Free pattern for this gorgeous sheep available from Ravelry)

Love how they use these buttons for this sheep! (image from Tumblr)

He also had a few pigs on his farm!

With a oink oink here…

(Image Source: We heart it)

And a oink oink there.. Not sure if this sandwich is a bit weird – using ham to create this piggy face for lunch… hmmmm

Image Source: Funky Lunch

And don’t forget the cows…

This one lives at Not on the High Street, and is probably looking for a good home/shed

How cute are these plush toys from Happy Horse

And these adorable chickens that I think I’ve already mentioned, but I can’t help myself – they’re right up there with my favourites! (Available from the lovely www.twomoms.co.za website)

I think these cardboard tube farm animals are too adorable. You can find tutorials for all these animals over at Crafts by Amanda

And how cute are these little animals made from marshmellows (From CountryLiving.com)

Cute print from On to Baby

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